Small hybrid step motor

Small hybrid step motor

October 17, 2017

Lin Engineering
Motion Control Motors/Drives/Spindles

Experience and engineering know-how in the field of hybrid stepper motor technology has led to a NEMA 6 sized stepper motor that delivers plenty of performance. The 106 outperforms all other motors of similar size on nearly all metrics: delivering more torque at higher speeds with greater accuracy.

The 106 hybrid stepper motor solves many problems in motion control that has prevented equipment from getting smaller.

  • 16mm wide
  • 104 steps per revolution
  • Up to 1.85oz-in (13.06 mN?m) of holding torque
  • 4x more holding torque than a can-stack PM stepper
  • 5x more accurate than a can-stack PM stepper
  • Operates at over 8,000rpm