Liquid Silicone Rubber Instrument Trays

Liquid Silicone Rubber Instrument Trays

August 24, 2011

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

Organizing and storing medical instruments are challenges in healthcare. Custom molded Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) instrument trays from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics organize and protect high value tools. These LSR trays make storage and autoclaving simple with easy-to-recognize molded compartments. Tools fit tray contours, cushioning and protecting the devices from damage in ordinary trays and drawers. Seamless and glove friendly, these stackable LSR trays can be designed to hold families of different size tools. Individual tool compartments can be designed with risers and drainage holes for drying and to provide extra separation and protection for individual tools that are heavy or have sharp edges. The trays also can be molded in a variety of colors for product differentiation as they fit inside standardized or customized metal sterilization trays.

Molded of medical grade silicone, these trays are rated for 10,000 hours continuous exposure to steam autoclave processing. They promote safe, effective sterilization, and are durable yet highly versatile. The LSR material is non-reactive, stable and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures from -55°C to +300°C while maintaining its useful properties.

Additional advantages of custom LSR trays from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics include a very clean molding process with no material pre-processing. Depending on tray complexity, components can be molded with minimal flash. LSR material has repeatable, short cycle times eliminating most secondary operations. Compared to other materials and processes, this means lower labor content due to reduced manufacturing steps.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics is equipped to provide assistance with design and materials engineering from a broad range of medical grade material options. In addition to LSR, these include compounds compliant with ISO 10993, USP Class VI, and FDA requirements. MR&P operates an ISO 13485:2003 certified quality management system and also manufactures a broad range of medical sealing devices, medical assemblies and products in Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 clean rooms.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provides full service precision molding, including silicone molding and bonding, processing of high-performance rubber and plastics, rubber-to-plastic conversions, and metal-to-plastic conversions. These capabilities include the manufacture of complete products involving complex automated assembly through final packaging.

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