LNS America’s Fox WM2

LNS America’s Fox WM2

February 24, 2021

LNS America Inc.


The newly redesigned LNS Fox WM2 Series oil/coolant mist collectors utilize greater airflow than typical air filtration devices to accommodate very large and multiple CNC machines. Now, easier to maintain and install, all three WM2 models exceed OSHA and NIOSH clean air requirements for machine types and processes using water-soluble, synthetic, or neat oil coolants.

In addition to high-performance media filters, the WM2 Series now has an added washable, metallic coalescing pre-filter to remove coolant droplets and other liquids. An optional 4th stage HEPA filter eliminates 99.95% of aerosols, dry smoke and other particles.

Other new features include:

Updated styling with hinged access doors for easier filter replacement

An integrated control panel that includes digital filter monitoring

Installation enhancements including delivery of complete, factory assembled units, 25’ electrical wires in conduit, and versatile air inlet configurations for multiple CNC machines.

Download the Fox WM2 Oil/Coolant Mist Collector brochure.