Marposs' rotary axis optimization software

Marposs' rotary axis optimization software

April 2, 2020

Marposs Corp

Marposs introduces AxiCheck, a software package with a graphic interface that analyzes data collected with Marposs probes, processing it in a graphic format to easily determine machine operating. AxiCheck helps increase production capacity by quickly and accurately inspecting the machine’s state of health, allowing users to identify and correct errors that may impact the workpiece, as well as planning maintenance operations in advance. This reduces the number of reject parts, particularly when dealing with single batches of expensive part production.

Parallelism of the axis of rotation and accuracy of its center are fundamental characteristics for the proper functioning of a machine tool with rotary axes. AxiCheck takes measurement to determine the reference values on a calibration sphere, mounted on the machine table to determine the machine’s operating health. Designed for use on 3- and 5-axis machines, AxiCheck is capable of monitoring and optimizing the performance of the rotating axes (5 Ax) while detecting any deterioration in the machine’s linear axes (3 Ax) in real time. It also features warning and alarm messages to alert the user if the measurement is out of tolerance.

AxiCheck features:
- Graphical machine error detection
- Increase in production capacity
- Reduction of scrap, rework
- Visualization of error evolution with alarm threshold for maintenance planning
- Detection of parallelism errors of the rotary axes and centers of rotation of the machine