Marposs’ laser tool setter for ultrasonic machining

Marposs’ laser tool setter for ultrasonic machining

July 20, 2020

Marposs Corp
Quality/Metrology Tooling/Cutting

Marposs’ ML75P special edition laser tool setter for controlling ultrasonic tool vibration amplitude and frequency collects thousands of data samples from the vibrating tool tip within milliseconds using ML4USM software. The software then elaborates upon the signal and transfers the amplitude and frequency back to the machine for automatic compensation. This helps to improve tool life and workpiece finish and reduce downtime.

Ultrasonic machining removes material from a workpiece using high-frequency vibrations in combination with abrasive particles. By creating many small vibrations over time, material is removed from the workpiece. Ultrasonic machining is the most suitable technology for removing material from hard and brittle materials, such as ceramic and glass.

In addition to the ML4USM software application, theML75P special edition requires a dedicated measurement cycle for the ultrasonic machining. It is designed to work with either a Marposs Merlin Plus or GEM Box gauging computer, both of which run on the Microsoft Windows operating system.