API’s Swivelcheck measures axis errors

API’s Swivelcheck measures axis errors

June 5, 2019

Automated Precision Inc.


The API Swivelcheck uses a servo-driven motor in conjunction with an electronic level and precision rotary encoder to measure multiple parameters in a single setup. It can operate in automated or manual modes and includes API’s Intellicomp software for control, data acquisition, and reporting. Swivelcheck can be used in conjunction with the API XD laser interferometer to measure horizontal rotary table position and can be mounted off-center of the rotating axis to measure the swivel axis of trunnions without need for disassembly of critical machine tool components.

Swivelcheck is easy to set up, offers ±400° swing, and allows tilting axes to be checked at the spindle nose for true accuracy reporting over systems that check at the motor and do not detect lost motion. The Intellicomp software provides a direct import of measured axis data to machine-tool CNC controllers allowing an update of system parameters for improved precision.