KOGANEI’s PVR20 series

KOGANEI’s PVR20 series

May 12, 2021

KOGANEI International America Inc.


KOGANEI International America, Inc., has expanded its line of Media Isolation Valves with the PVR20 Series. The new compact valves isolate aggressive gas and liquid media typically found in life science and medical analytics applications. Streamlined passages minimize internal volume to less than 60 microliters by using rocker type design.

Other features include:

  • Large flow rate for medical analysis
  • Metal-free wetted area for improved corrosion resistance
  • Power-saving circuit (standard) for energy efficiency
  • Long service life reaches up to 10 million cycles
  • 2mm internal orifice - largest currently available in a 12mm wide body
  • Operating pressure range from -11psi to 43.5psi

To learn more about the PVR20, clickhere.