Foster Corp.’s LazerMed laser marking

Foster Corp.’s LazerMed laser marking

January 24, 2019

Foster Corporation
3D/Additive/Alternative Materials

Putnam, Connecticut – Foster Corporation introduces LazerMed, a biocompatible laser marking technology that offers high resolution, durable printing capability for plastic materials used in medical devices such as tubing, catheter shafts, labware, and medical equipment.

Laser marking is a contact-free process that provides for ultra-fast printing that is eco-friendly (no solvents), with no pre-treatment of substrates required. In addition, there are no consumables (inks) required, as the laser marking pigments are melt-blended into the polymer at the compounding stage. This proprietary technology has no effect on the sterilization process and can be added to a polymer as a masterbatch. The result is a permanent solution that can be used for injection molded, extruded, and blow molded components.

Visit Foster Corp. at Booth #2923 at MD&M West show for more information.

The LazerMed technology is manufactured using state-of-the-art laser marking pigments. These pigments provide a versatile printing platform that can be used in the vast majority of plastic materials – including transparent and opaque materials – used in medical device applications. Laser marking pigments are weather durable, available for high temperature applications, and have passed USP Class VI testing for biocompatibility.