FISO Technologies’ FOP-M200 pressure transducer

FISO Technologies’ FOP-M200 pressure transducer

May 20, 2019

FISO Technologies
Design Components

FISO Technologies’ FOP-M200, smaller than any competitive product, has a diameter of 200 microns and a lead-in fiber of 100 microns. The tiny footprint of the sensor-head enables access to smaller vessel without limiting the natural blood flow. With a maximum diameter reduction of 0.003", the area is reduced by more than 40%; allowing an accurate and true measurement of the pressure without disturbing the flow and without affecting the pressure. The small footprint allows engineers to design drug delivery catheters with in situ pressure measurement without restricting the drug flow in the lumen.


Key features:

  • Small lead-in fiber allowing FOP-M200 to fit in a smaller lumen
  • Very soft/flexible lead-in; limiting negative effect on stiffness of catheter/wire
  • Same performance as previous/existing generations; high-accuracy, low-drift, thermal-sensitivity
  • Best suited for EN60601-2-34, BP-22 systems
  • Same technological platform as FOP-MIV, FOP-M260; sold & integrated in multiple FDA approved devices

The small diameter, soft characteristic, and not prone to kinking means medical device design engineers are not restricted by the sensor. This device performs in deliverability of pressure data and the mechanical performance of the optical fiber, with its flexibility and intrinsic immunity to RF and MW, delivers value and performance.