Junkosha’s peelable heat shrink tubing (PHST) with 2.5:1 shrink ratio

Junkosha’s peelable heat shrink tubing (PHST) with 2.5:1 shrink ratio

March 6, 2019


Design Components Materials

Materials specialist and pioneer of peelable heat shrink tubing (PHST) technology, Junkosha, offers the industry’s first, 2.5:1 FEP PHST solution, leading the charge for future tubing innovations. Recent developments not only answer the call for increasingly smaller procedures, but also enable catheter manufacturers to go beyond what has previously been possible by streamlining their workflows and processes resulting in vital cost savings and increased margins. With the relentless push from the healthcare sector to lower costs across the board, Junkosha is enabling catheter manufacturers to achieve lower cost of ownership through innovation.

Junkosha's new 2.5:1 PHST solution has been designed to provide catheter manufacturers with the highest shrink ratio currently possible in Peelable FEP thanks to its proprietary design techniques, enabling customers (in turn) to save time and money through a reduced number of shrink processes. In addition, thanks to PHST's take-up, it allows the use of cost-effective, lower tolerance, baseline materials in the manufacturing process, and enables the ability to reflow these easily into a single smooth construct. All this results in a reduced total cost of ownership for the catheter manufacturer, which in turn increases the margin available.