Ilika’s Stereax M50 for medical devices

Ilika’s Stereax M50 for medical devices

April 17, 2019

Design Components Devices/Implants/Equipment

The Stereax M50 is Ilika’s first solid-state battery designed specifically for medical technologies. The M50 is Ilika's smallest form-factor solid-state battery to date, delivering up to a 50% increase in energy density when compared to other commercially available solid-state batteries. At less than 0.6mm thick, it is ideal for medical applications where size and safety are critical. The M50 is built on Stereax low-leakage, reliable technology, but is up to 70% smaller than other batteries in the range.



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The M50 is customizable to a wide range of shapes and sizes, responding to the energy density and cost constraints of the target application. Devices implanted using our safe technology benefit from a battery life of up to 10 years, further enhanced by energy harvesting through body movements such as heart beats or lung movements. M50 batteries kept in storage lose on average less than 10% of their charge over a two-year period.