Methods Machine Tools’ 3-axis, 5-axis machines

Methods Machine Tools’ 3-axis, 5-axis machines

September 23, 2019

Methods Machine Tools Inc.
Machining Centers

Methods Machine Tools’ branded 3-axis vertical machining centers include four initial models - MV 800H, MV 1000H, MV 1100H, and MV 1600H - featuring a 15,000rpm, 30hp Big-Plus 40-taper direct drive spindle with oil-air lubrication and spindle oil chiller, providing power, speed, superior surface finishing, long spindle life and thermal stability. Rigid box way construction in the Z-axis using Turcite B ensures cutting performance and machining accuracy.

Additional features in the Methods VMCs include thermal compensation using three thermocouples to allow the software to compensate for actual thermal growth. The MV 800H and MV 1000H have 1.378" (35mm) roller guideways in the X- and Y-axis with 2,362ipm rapids. The MV 1100H has a larger structure with 1.77" (45 mm) roller guideways in the X- and Y-axis with a 1,890ipm rapid rate, and its Z-axis box ways are over 3" wider (side-to-side) than the MV 800H and MV 1000H. The MV 1600H is a heavy-duty 41,888 lb machine designed for exceptional cutting performance on large, diverse, complex parts. The MV 1600H has a 21.85" distance between Z-axis box ways (side to side) and offers 2.17" (55mm) roller guideways in the X- and Y-axis with 1,417ipm rapid rates. Automatic tool changers range from 24 tools to 40 tools, depending on the machine.

Methods MB 650U 5-Axis Bridge Type Machining Center is designed for the high accuracy, 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex parts and significantly reduces the need for multiple setups. Equipped with standard linear scales on the X-, Y-, Z-axis, rotary scales on the B- & C-axis, and thermal compensation results in stable, high precision part production. The MB 650U has a 15,000rpm, 25 HP Big-Plus 40-taper direct drive spindle with oil-air lubrication and spindle oil chiller for long spindle life. This performance package also includes a Calibration ball, TCP software, and probe system for setting/calibrating precise tool center point. A laser tool measurement system detects tool wear, damage, and breakage, reducing non-productive time and enabling automated operation.

All Methods machining centers feature FANUC controls. Methods VMC's have the FANUC 0iMF Control with 10.4" LCD screen, manual guide I, AICC II, 2m/sec block processing time (BPT) and 200 block look ahead. For the highest level of performance and processing power required for complex 5-axis machining, the MB 650U bridge type machining center features the FANUC 31iMB5 control with 15" TFT screen including a data server, manual guide I, AICC II, 1 MB of NC memory, .4ms BPT, 600 block look ahead, collision detection (built in 3D interference check), fast package III, Ethernet and 2GB CF card.

The line of Methods Machine Tools branded 3-axis vertical and 5-axis bridge type machining centers are made to Methods' design and engineering standards by Litz Hitech Corp. All Methods Machining Centers are fully inspected to meet strict quality and design specifications, and also be in compliance with ISO/ASME standards. Laser and ball bar testing ensures performance and accuracy of each machine.