OmniSurf3D for surface texture visualization, analysis

OmniSurf3D for surface texture visualization, analysis

September 6, 2018

Digital Metrology
Quality/Metrology Software

OmniSurf3D, software for 3D surface texture visualization and analysis, provides a suite of three-dimensional surface analysis tools that can be quickly mastered by non-metrology experts as well as advanced users.

OmniSurf3D software package's streamlined interface puts all basic settings in one place:

  • Preprocessing to account for missing pixels, outliers, etc.
  • Several common reference Geometries for removing overall shape to reveal the surface texture
  • Filtering to highlight large-scale waviness or fine-scale roughness
  • Dozens of ISO and custom parameters to describe the most critical aspects of the surface

With a strong set of quantitative as well as qualitative measurement tools, advanced users can zoom on a region of interest; rotate, apply, and position cross-sectioning tools in real-time; and interactively alter filter parameters. The software can import datasets from all common metrology systems and software, including the SDF and X3P formats. Advanced functions include ISO 25178 feature-detection (Wolf Pruning) to define hills, dales, pits, peaks, saddles, ridge lines, and course lines.