Micro Mark Dot Peen Marking System

Micro Mark Dot Peen Marking System

January 21, 2013

Kwik Mark

Dot Peen Marking

The Micro Mark is the most versatile compact dot peen marker available today. Ideal for hand held applications as well as on-machine integration.

Small Footprint Large Mark Area
The compact (3” x 5” x 6”) head size (5+ lb) offers a generous 1.0” x 2.5” marking field to suit most industrial marking applications.

Designed for Easy Integration
Additional I/O (with logic) streamlines so called handshaking with other machinery, when required, and allows importing data from external files. Includes all software functions as the entire Kwikmark product line does.

Automatic Line Centering
This feature will automatically center the marking image to your part, whether it is single or multiple lines, graphics or both with no measuring or operator input required. Just type the information you wish to mark and the Micro Mark will line it up automatically. This feature may be enabled in the X, Y, or both axes. Your operators will appreciate this feature especially when marking round parts such as shafts, pipes, etc.

The Operator’s Choice
Just squeeze the trigger or touch the button. The Micro Mark’s light weight centered and balanced handle suits both left and right handed operators.