Tergo metal cleaning fluid

Tergo metal cleaning fluid

February 8, 2017

MicroCare Medical


New Britain, Connecticut - MicroCare Medical’s Tergo metal cleaning fluid is a highly effective double-duty cleaner, easily degreasing metal parts and defluxing circuit boards. It is designed to replace hydrocarbon degreasers, plus nPB, TCE, PFCs and other old-style solvents. It is one of the strongest vapor degreasing fluids on the market (high kb value) yet it is compatible with most materials of construction including metals, ceramics, most durable plastics and elastomers. This rugged formula can be used in the aerospace, automotive, medical, extraction and industrial sectors.

The secret to this new product is the non-flammable chemistry specifically engineered to enhance degreasing applications. This fluid also does not require chemical stabilizers or scavengers to prevent it from breaking down in the presence of water or white metals. The unique, patent-pending mix of chemistries enables simpler, faster, better and less expensive cleaning while meeting stringent environmental and worker safety regulations.

Vapor degreasing is one of the most effective methods to clean medical devices because the actual process requires minimal space in a cleanroom, is simple, repeatable and easy to validiate. Tergo metal cleaning fluid is compatible with existing vapor degreasing equipment and is a drop-in replacement for many older degreasing chemistries that are under environmental, health, safety or economic pressures. It is compliant with all the current and proposed environmental, health, and safety regulations.

Source: MicroCare Corp.