Mitutoyo America’s MiSTAR 555 CNC CMM

Mitutoyo America’s MiSTAR 555 CNC CMM

August 15, 2019

Mitutoyo America Corporation

The MiSTAR 555 CNC shop floor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) operates without compressed air and on conventional 120V 20 AMP electrical service with movement speeds of 606mm/s and acceleration of 2,695mm/s² (3D).

The MiSTAR 555 is a compact, space-saving in-line or near-line CNC CMM designed for high-speed, high-accuracy measurements with accuracy assurance from 10°C to 40°C. It features an open-structure design with a single support moving bridge enabling users to mount workpieces from the front, rear and right for installation and a walk-up inspection station for easier operability.

The modular control unit and PC are stored in the base of the main body structure, making the MiSTAR more compact, reducing the installation area to approximately 70% from a conventional moving bridge model for location flexibility. The MiSTAR also uses a Mitutoyo-designed and manufactured robust scale detection system with a high resistance to airborne contaminants, eliminating the need for costly environmental controlled enclosures.

The MiSTAR features several Industry 4.0 integrations, including the Mitutoyo-developed Smart Measuring System (SMS), which enables monitoring the operation state required by smart factories and a Status Monitor that retrieves current CMM status features using the MTConnect protocol. Condition Monitor provides a system that collects and evaluates different operational information such as measuring, movement lengths, machine error, probe functions, and many more for long-term preventative maintenance and machine use statistics.