Mitutoyo America’s MiSCAN Vision System

Mitutoyo America’s MiSCAN Vision System

November 7, 2019

Mitutoyo America Corporation

Mitutoyo America Corp.’s MiSCAN Vision System is a multiple sensor microscopic-form measurement system using combined coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and vision measurement system technology and features a micro-form scanning probe. Key features include:

Allows highly accurate autonomous scanning covering micro-form to larger workpieces. The new MPP-NANO probe can use styli as small as 125μm diameter to achieve measurement of microscopic workpieces. Using the observation camera, setup of measurement can be easily achieved. The SP25M scanning probe is also supported to allow small- and large-sized workpieces and features to be measured.

System uses the same image head as Mitutoyo’s Quick Vision measuring system. The Quick Vision Apex lighting system is also incorporated, providing multiple lighting functions and evaluation software to provide high performance.

Enables high-accuracy, highly efficient measurement of miniature optical tubes used in micro camera arrays. The MPP-NANO can also measure the contour of high degree aspheric lenses used in vehicle-mounted cameras with high accuracy.

Previously, highly efficient scanning of microscopic gear teeth has been difficult. However, using the MiSCAN Vision System together with the MPP-NANO now provides this functionality by entering each nominal using GEARPAK, Mitutoyo’s gear teeth evaluation software, to evaluate the tooth profile error and tooth trace error.

Scanning measurement of microscopic feature detail, such as precision punches and dies, using extra-small-diameter styli, which are available with diameters as small as 125μm.

Conventionally, only destructive measurement was possible for the inner diameter of nozzles and draw dies. The MiSCAN Vision System and MPP-NANO now enables scanning measurement using the stylus on holes with a maximum aspect ratio of 17:1.