TRAK Machine Tools chooses ModuleWorks

TRAK Machine Tools chooses ModuleWorks

November 12, 2020

ModuleWorks GmbH

TRAK Machine Tools (Southwestern Industries Inc.) has integrated ModuleWorks adaptive roughing software into its ProtoTRAK RMX CNC control. The adaptive roughing algorithms enable the ProtoTRAK RMX to achieve faster and more accurate cutting with less wear on the tool.

The ProtoTRAK RMX CNC is specially designed for efficient one-off and small lot machining. It uses touchscreen programming with convenient tool selection for fast job setup together with onboard toolpath verification and cutting simulation to quickly verify jobs on the shopfloor. The ModuleWorks adaptive roughing technology further optimizes the overall production process by delivering faster and more precise machining and, therefore, lower part cycle times.

Integrated into the ProtoTRAK RMX CNC, ModuleWorks adaptive roughing engages almost the entire cutter. This speeds up machining because features such as pockets and islands are machined to full depth in just one cut instead of multiple cuts. Moreover, the tool stays fully engaged all the time, even under high chip loads, to ensure optimal cutting and a high-quality finish. Less power is required for cutting which means less wear on the tool, and the workpiece stays cooler which improves the accuracy of the finished part.