Miniature metric linear voice coil motor

Moticont introduced a miniature metric linear voice coil motor. The LVCM-013-008-02M Linear Voice Coil motor, also known as a moving coil motor, is only 12.7 mm (0.500 in.) in diameter.  The stroke length is 3.175 mm (0.125 in.) and the length at mid-stroke is just 12.7 mm (0.50) in. long.  However, this new miniature voice coil motor has a high force-to-size ratio with a continuous force of 0.86 N (3.1 oz) and a peak force of 2.73 N (9.8 oz).

This clean brushless DC linear servo motor featuring high acceleration/deceleration and low inertia is ideal for: Haptic feedback in medical/surgical instruments, vibration damping, work holding and clamping, laser machining and drilling, assembly, sorting, packaging, sampling, scanning, laser beam steering and filtering, wafer handling, and pharmaceutical applications.

When operated as a DC servo motor in a closed servo loop using a position sensor the LVCM-013-008-02M Miniature Linear Servo Motor offers very high accuracy and repeatability.

The LVCM-013-008-02M voice coil motor has a M3x0.5 threaded mounting hole in the housing and M3x0.5 threaded mounting hole in the coil end for easy integration into new and existing applications. A complete plug-and-play system and servo controller is also available.

Is there a need for a larger diameter motor, one with longer travel, or more force?  There are 12 choices in this family of Moticont's LVCM linear motors based on diameter of the motor, and over 50 models based on length of stroke and/or force to select from.

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