Turning machines

Turning machines

June 13, 2018



Chicago, Illinois – Murata Machinery USA will be showcasing its line of Muratec turning machines at the IMTS 2018 – The International Manufacturing Technology Show. While additional technology is slated to be added to the display, the following machines will be at Muratec’s IMTS Booth #338844 for live cutting demonstrations:

(PICTURED) MW35: An all-electric, compact turning center with a servo super-high-speed loader, that can produce small parts in as little as three seconds. This machine has two spindles and is capable of simultaneous multi-tool cutting.

MW40: Designed for minimal thermal displacement during precise machining operations of smaller parts. Dual spindle design allows for flexible part processing. Available with live tooling and Y-axis milling capability. Also available with single or twin gantry loaders.

*MW120: A twin spindle CNC turning center that optimizes production time. High-speed gantry loader and turret axes help to reduce cycle time drastically. Capable of production times as low as 16 seconds per part.

*MD120: An automated CNC turning center with live-tooling capabilities, including drilling and milling in every turret position. The integrated 3-axis gantry robot loader offers versatile automation possibilities with increased productivity and process flexibility.

*Both the MW120 & MD120 will be showcased in the high productivity turning center “Cell” configuration, in which a common integrated raw-parts feeder system, transfer/turn-around unit, and Post Process Gauge (PPG) services two turning machines in a single linear layout. Provides space savings due to single automation components servicing multiple machines.

MT100: With a built-in Y axis, this opposed spindle machine allows for greater precision on complex parts and is designed so that each turret can serve either of the twin spindles. Upper and lower turret configuration allows the flexibility to manage two tools in a single cut while reducing cycle time. Available with a variety of automation options, including an optional third turret and a 3-axis gantry robot.

MT200: Similar to the MT100, this opposed spindle type machine can accommodate larger parts with a maximum turn diameter of 8.3" and an 8" chuck.

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