Aerotech's AGV-SPO galvo scanner

Aerotech's AGV-SPO galvo scanner

June 3, 2019

Aerotech, Inc.
Motion Control Quality/Metrology

Combined with Aerotech’s Integrated Granite Motion (IGM) positioning system – IGM positioning tables are extremely rigid from the combination of the granite and the directly attached axes – the AGV-SPO galvo scanner is designed with higher rigidity to deliver precise laser positioning accuracy. Since the dynamics are removed from the laser and transferred to the axes of the IGM, the scan clock rates and throughput increase significantly. IGM also makes better use of the laser specification. Since the guide rails are screwed directly onto the granite, IGM systems are smaller than conventional positioning solutions, saving floor space.

If an AGV scanner is integrated into the linear axes of an IGM, this will be done in the A3200 automation platform used as a plug-and-play extension of the XR3 high-performance controller and GL4 galvo controller. The coordinates can then be easily programmed, and this combination means it can be programmed in X-Y, and the controller automatically synchronizes with the laser scanner, improving the performance in the structure, avoiding errors, and no stitching is required. Here, the infinite field of view (IFOV) function comes into play, so linear or rotational servo axes are synchronized with the laser scanner.

Aerotech combines the control of positioning systems and its components on a platform equipped with a software-based motion controller. The platform controls drives for servo motors, galvo scan heads, piezoelectric actuators, and various other devices. Drives are connected via the HyperWire motion bus. The Automation1 hardware has built-in digital and analog I/Os for easy integration of complex motion and the associated control of process tools.

Control and drive developments enable optimized motion control with faster motion and settling times, better position stability, and improved contouring performance.

With the new hardware products available, the Automation1 platform is a development environment with a modern programming language for motion control. Multiple users can log in concurrently, supporting engineering team collaboration. They can configure their own workflows, program, and optimize motion sequences, and collaborate much more effectively.