Nordson’s flat die systems

Nordson’s flat die systems

June 25, 2020

Design Components

The surging demand for devices that protect against COVID-19 includes sheet and coated fabrics whose manufacture calls for flat die systems. 

“Our company’s EDI Ultraflex sheet extrusion dies have been put into service for producing PVC, acrylic, and polycarbonate shields, face guards, sneeze guards, and barriers,” says Patrick Meinen, global product line manager at Nordson. “Our Premier fixed-lip slot dies are now used for coating fabrics and filter membranes specifically intended to protect against COVID-19.” 

Some examples of current COVID-19-related orders for Nordson’s flat die products: 

Sheet Dies for PVC Face Shields Palram Americas Inc. has ordered a new Ultraflex sheet die, plus additional lips for diversifying the thicknesses available on its existing Ultraflex dies, to produce various gauges of PVC for clear face shields and protective barriers. A longtime specialist in PVC and polycarbonate sheet for construction, safety and security, home and garden, and other uses, Palram now offers a line of COVID-19 solutions that includes diverse products for use in public environments. Another Nordson customer that normally specializes in building products has also ordered additional lips for its EDI sheet dies in order to manufacture clear PVC face shields. 

Slot Dies for Filter Membranes – Three dies rush ordered by one customer are for coating filter membranes, which the company says will be used in medical applications to curb the spread of the virus. 

“While there continues to be a strong demand for personal protective equipment used in clinical settings, there is now also an urgent need for shields and barriers to facilitate the opening up of workplaces, retail establishments, and public spaces after weeks of lockdown,” Meinen says. “This has required the use of flat dies, both new and converted from other applications, for the manufacture of clear sheet.”