READY Robotics' strategic investment from NVIDIA

READY Robotics' strategic investment from NVIDIA

June 9, 2022

Ready Robotics

READY Robotics, pioneers in software-defined automation, announced a strategic investment from NVIDIA, the leader in accelerated computing technology.

"Manufacturing has been held back for decades by software silos between robot vendors. We've broken down those barriers with a standard interface that simplifies deployment for enterprises and dramatically increases the market opportunity for the automation industry," says Ben Gibbs, CEO and co-founder of READY Robotics.

"For factory workers, that interface is a no-code tablet which allows them to upskill to become a robot programmer within weeks," he continued. "For software developers, it's a standard API that unlocks data streams from over 3 million compatible robots deployed today."

The investment accelerates the collaboration between READY Robotics and NVIDIA, which includes a READY Robotics Forge/OS integration with NVIDIA Omniverse Isaac Sim to simplify development and accelerate time-to-market of industrial automation deployments.

Manufacturing enterprises want robust deployments that embody their competitive advantage, while being flexible enough to meet the demands of digital supply chains. READY Robotics provides a foundation that enables software developers to meet these demands. By enabling integration with processing at the edge, these solutions can offer increased efficiency without compromising on privacy, latency, or data security.

NVIDIA is joined by existing Micron Technology, as well as new investor SIP Global Partners, a cross-border venture fund strategically focused on helping startups expand into Asian markets by working with large industrial conglomerates. The new investment allows READY Robotics to continue improving its core Forge/OS 5 platform as well as expanding to support a growing ecosystem of partners and developers.