PCNC 770 Milling Machine

PCNC 770 Milling Machine

February 23, 2010

Tormach LLC

Milling Machines

Waunakee, WI, - Tormach, LLC announced today that it has released the new PCNC 770(TM) personal CNC milling machine for sale on the company website, www.tormach.com. The PCNC 770 has a space-saving footprint and a basic 115VAC household electrical service requirement. The optional patent pending moving kit allows the machine to be transported as component pieces, making this the first serious machine tool designed specifically for a basement shop.

Over 2 years in development, the design of the PCNC 770 combines reliable cast-iron construction, P4 grade ballscrews, and sensorless vector drive spindle technology to create a simple and robust platform with ample options for user-installed upgrades, just like the best-selling PCNC 1100 Series II. The mill weighs 662 pounds and is equipped with a 10,000 RPM spindle -- well suited for prototyping, hobby, small business, R&D, or educational use.

"Since we first released the PCNC 1100, we've heard from many people that space is a real constraint," said Greg Jackson, president of Tormach. "We wanted to build a CNC machine that can fit smaller spaces without compromising the performance or quality that our customers have come to expect when they purchase a Tormach PCNC." Like PCNC 1100 Series II, the PCNC 770 has enough power to cut the toughest materials - steel, stainless, even titanium.

The PCNC 770 offers 130 IPM feedrates in both X and Y axes. It features a 1 hp spindle that is compatible with both R8 and TTS tools. TTS, the revolutionary dual contact Tormach Tooling System(TM), has become an industry standard for small machines offering quick-change with repeatable tool offsets.

The work envelope is 13" x 7.5" x 13.25" (X, Y, Z). The PCNC 770 is compatible with the majority of the existing accessories in the PCNC line and is pre-wired for 4th Axis and digitizing probe. An optional steel stand and coolant kit are available.