Portescap’s miniature medical motor technologies

Portescap’s miniature medical motor technologies

March 28, 2022



Portescap’s surgical motor solutions feature sterilizable motors and controllers designed to withstand 3,000+ autoclave cycles. Recent innovations include the CNT1530 sterilizable motor controller for surgical hand tools and new additions to its line of Ultra EC brushless DC motors.

With electronics and software encapsulated in a single enclosure, the CNT1530 provides simplified system integration. Compatible with typical NiMH and LiOn battery voltages, it features 20 amps of continuous current and can be paired with Portescap brushless DC slotted surgical motors.

New sizes have been added to the Portescap Ultra EC motor family. When targeted performance is critical, Ultra EC motors deliver minimal joule and iron losses while maintaining maximum power, thanks to a proprietary U coil design. Whether you require high speed, high torque or a balanced performance solution, Ultra EC motors are perfectly suited for medical and dental hand tools, respirators, robotics and more.