Quniton highly lubricious material portfolio

Quniton highly lubricious material portfolio

September 21, 2016

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics


Minneapolis, Minnesota – Medical device designers wanting to improve product performance will find Quniton material is a new high performance lubricious product with permanent, low coefficient of friction (CoF) surface properties. It is an ideal choice for minimizing friction, wear and abrasion in medical valves, plungers, caps and seals.

Developed by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, Quniton does not adversely impact any of the materials' bulk properties including compression set which allows it to maintain its original form and sealing force, retaining integrity throughout a product’s life cycle. Low CoF of Quniton provides resistance to bonding or sticking to a wide variety of materials and itself and therefore is a good aide in assembly and disassembly operations. Stiction also is greatly reduced, ensuring negligible degradation when the device is not in use. Also with Quniton, unlike coated solutions, there is no micro-cracking or flaking when subjected to stretching that can occur during installation.

Quniton has no impact on extractables or leachables and boasts a biocompatibility USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 certification of the base material. Prior to Quniton, designers often relied on coatings of an elastomer with products such as molybdenum disulfide, graphite, silicone oil or PTFE powder. The drawback to these coatings is that they are often not acceptable for the customer’s medical device applications. They can be washed away from the surface and do not lend themselves to repeated autoclaving. They may also cause contamination of the application.

By comparison, Quniton does not change the high performance attributes of the product including severe chemical exposure to acids, bases and solvents and thermal stability at temperatures as high as 500°F (262°C).