Rollomatic’s16-station wheel changer on GrindSmart 630XW3

Rollomatic’s16-station wheel changer on GrindSmart 630XW3

May 13, 2021

Rollomatic Inc

Rollomatic maintains its global leadership position in the field of 6-axis CNC tool grinding by highlighting the model 630XW3 with a 16-station wheel changer.

This model is part of the GrindSmart series of tool & cutter grinding machines with an axis configuration that incorporate 6 fully interpolated axes (3 rotary and 3 linear) and is unique in this industry. The machine also incorporate linear axis drive technology.

Highlights include:

  • Simultaneous change of wheel packs and associated coolant manifolds with coolant nozzles
  • World’s smallest footprint of a 16-station wheel changer (only adds 30” to the width of the machine)
  • Tool unload/load happens simultaneously during wheel change to shorten cycle time
  • Embedded intelligence to keep frequently used wheel packs in front to shorten cycle time
  • The wheel arbors are HSK-type with a proprietary attachment design that guarantees less than 0.00005” TIR over the life of the grinding spindle
  • Allows highest productivity in small-batch grinding of complex and high-performance cutting tools
  • Enhanced autonomy
  • Uses Rollomatic’s VGPro desk top tool design program
  • Machines are assembled under a lean manufacturing program