Rollomatic’s LaserSmart510 Femto

Rollomatic’s LaserSmart510 Femto

June 14, 2022

Rollomatic Inc

Rollomatic maintains its leadership position in the field of laser cutting ultra-hard materials by announcing the launch of a femto-second laser cutting machine for PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and other ultra-hard materials.

The LaserSmart510 Femto with its innovative and powerful femto-second laser source provides unlimited machining possibilities. This laser source has a femto-second pulse width which is 1,000 shorter than a pico laser. Built on the success of the Rollomatic LaserSmart series of machines, the process allows users to achieve the results that set new standards in ultra-hard material machining.

This new LaserSmart model is the world’s only femto-second laser cutting machine for PCD and other ultra-hard materials.

  • Never seen before in the cutting tool industry.
  • Achieves surface finishes as low as Ra 40 nanometers.
  • Produces crisper and sharper cutting edges compared to conventional laser machines.
  • Specifically improves finishes on 3D machining of drills and endmills.
  • 30% faster feedrates compared to conventional laser machines.
  • The pulse width on a femto-second laser is 1,000 times faster than a pico lasers.
  • 3D machining, profile cutting, cylindrical margins, chip breakers, fluting and more.
  • Also suitable for ceramics, carbide, sapphire, glass, or other ultra-hard materials.
  • The machine adapts the machining process automatically to the type of material.