Royal PneuVac coolant sump cleaners

Royal PneuVac coolant sump cleaners

August 3, 2017

Royal Products

The Royal PneuVac Pump is a simple device that uses a compressed air-powered venturi to create a vacuum. All you have to do to operate the PneuVac pump is: attach the pump and hose to a standard 55-gallon drum, hook up your compressed air supply to the pump, insert the free end of the suction hose into the sump or storage tank, and open the air valve. The coolant and sludge is drawn through the hose and deposited into the drum – quick, clean, and hassle-free.

Royal PneuVac pump advantages

  • Fast – Can fill a 55-gallon drum in 90 seconds
  • Heavy-duty– Each pump carries a 3-year warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects
  • Safe – Powered by compressed air, there is no risk of electrical shocks; an automatic shut-off valve activates when the drum is full
  • Low maintenance – No moving parts to fail; an occasional cleaning is the only maintenance ever required