Schurter’s MSS metal line switch

Schurter’s MSS metal line switch

November 30, 2021


Schurter’s MSS metal line switch sports a multi-color side-ring illumination, providing the user with visual feedback from the side in addition to the front. The greater coverage allows for lateral status indication, which may be especially desired from a distance. Non-illuminated versions are also designed to provide visual indication with a colored bezel.

The MSS switching technology is extremely precise and is designed for applications where some degree of pressure is required to trigger the switching function. Not too little and not too much: Capacitive technology triggers switching with only a touch, while mechanical technology has moving parts that can wear over time. The moving parts can also be subject to ingress. The MSS requires a light pressure of 1N to 3N on the surface, to provide just the right amount of touch to prevent unintentional switching. It has an IP rating of IP67 and a lifetime rating of >20 million actuations. Whether used in a home doorbell, or medical product, a laboratory device, or industrial equipment, the compact switch offers 8 different bezel housing colors and a spectrum of RGB illumination colors for a host of customized options. Size offerings are 19mm, 22mm, and 30mm diameter. In addition, with a slim mounting depth of only 8mm, this switch is highly versatile for a variety of applications including those where depth is limited such as door jams and densely packed enclosures.

Switching voltage and current is max 60VDC and 100mA. Operating temperature range is -40°C to 85°C. The switching function is momentary (MO) or latching (LA). Highly robust for the demanding applications, the MSS actuator is stainless steel with an impact resistance rating of IK06.