SFA will be featuring Touch HMI at IMTS 2016, Booth #E-3240.

SFA will be featuring Touch HMI at IMTS 2016, Booth #E-3240.

August 25, 2016

Shop Floor Automations


La Mesa, California – Shop Floor Automations (SFA) reviews the benefits of Predator Touch HMI, a relatively new application. 

 Using Touch HMI’s big button interface, operators can enjoy features that simplify sending and receiving programs to and from machines. For shops employing machine data collection, they can put in downtime codes that the operators can choose, such as set up or preventative maintenance, for example.

 Touch HMI can be accessed from any Windows-based platform, such as a tablet or mobile phone, as well as a network PC. Touch HMI can communicate over a network, both wired and wirelessly, as well as over a serial connection.

 This time-saving interface consolidates multiple automation platforms with features like data collection, DNC, plus other types of document control platforms. You can automate processes on the machine, and really any third party software can be integrated with it. It acts as a single source for the operator to interact with their machines that looks visually pleasing and is easy to understand.

 Predator DNC is one tool commonly used to network and communicate with CNC machines. Touch HMI makes communicating easier than all the different alternatives currently available. You can use it with a bar code reader, but it can also replace what a bar code does, too! Custom color coding is also an option SFA has for customers to make the system easier to read.

 Want to know another great feature of TouchHMI? Because the Internet of Things is such an increasing influence in the manufacturing industry, a button can be customized on an individual client’s interface that is a supplement to their daily schedule. 

 Want a button that helps your operator request time off, or even report work hazards? Skilled SFA technicians, who have been working with Predator products for years, can make this happen!

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Located in San Diego County in California, SFA has been a go-to in shop floor automation solutions in the fields of software and hardware since 1998. They have been ranked #1 in Predator Software for Sales & Service since 1999.

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