Sinumerik CNC with updated processors

Sinumerik CNC with updated processors

April 11, 2017

Motion Control

The Sinumkerik 840D sl CNC adds more powerful CPUs and widescreen 15" and 19" Blackline panels, in conjunction with the release version 4.7 of Sinumerik Operate software.

The 7x0.3B PN processors are Profinet-compatible numerical control units (NCUs)., offering processor technology that for the NCU 730.3B PN is up to 15% more powerful than the previously used components.

The result is shorter program runtimes, faster simulation, and overall faster operation. The 720.3B PN and 730.3B PN NCUs consume up to 50% less power and generate less heat.

Basic configuration

  • 10MB buffered user memory standard, expandable to 22MB
  • 2GB working memory (DRAM)
  • Automatic driver adaptation enables integration into existing machines
  • 15", 19" Blackline, widescreen, touchscreen panels
    • Capacitive sensor system supports touch operation, even when gloves are worn by the operator
    • IP66 protection rated