Siemens’ innovations in machine tool automation technology

Siemens’ innovations in machine tool automation technology

May 21, 2019

Automation Software

Siemens offers its popular Sinumerik CNC hardware and software solutions, offering dual tracks for the machine tool builder and end-user attendees from job shops and production departments of all types. Advancements in machine tool automation are offered for various CNC machines – from basic milling and turning applications to multi-axis machining centers and the fully automated, flexible work cells used throughout the manufacturing industry. In addition, Siemens offers the new Mindsphere software as a service (SAAS) concept, which enables machine tool users to gather, prioritize and access data in real-time, using edge technology.

Reflecting the company’s drive to the digital factory, a virtual experience for machine tool design and build functions are offered to the OEMs, while end-users will experience how the machines used on their shop-floors will be operated, managed, programmed and maintained in the future. In combination with the advanced motion control technologies and PLM services offered by Siemens, the full process chain from CAD to CAM to virtual simulation to production and performance assessment are now offered.

Siemens offers the machine tool builder an entire portfolio of CNCs, plus the integration of robotic machining and solutions for additive, in tandem with the advanced automation scenarios of today’s manufacturing environment.

Likewise, Siemens has taken a major step on the road to digitalization with Mindsphere, which offers machine tool builders and end-users alike a variety of customizable software and application options for the control and maintenance of their operations.

Mindsphere is a SAAS concept in which Siemens offers a wide range of services for manufacturing companies on the path to Industry 4.0. Mindsphere is an open IIoT operating system, allowing a customized platform for recording and analyzing large volumes of plant-wide production data. A customer can interact with Siemens to devise a variety of MindApps for machine tool predictive maintenance services, energy data management and even resource optimization development.