Sintratec’s nesting solution for additive manufacturing

Sintratec’s nesting solution for additive manufacturing

October 21, 2021


Sintratec, Swiss manufacturer of professional SLS 3D printers, releases its first nesting solution. As an upgrade to the existing printing software, users can now have their 3D objects automatically placed in the build volume with unprecedented packing density.

3D printing software often demands a lot from its users. Like in a puzzle, 3D models have to be placed, rotated and moved so that the available print volume can be used in the best possible way in order to save printing time and mate-rial. A time-consuming process that tends to deliver only mediocre results. With the introduction of a fully integrated nesting solution, puzzle games are now a thing of the past for Sintratec customers.

With a single click, the imported 3D objects are analyzed by the algorithm and optimally placed inside the cylindrical print area of the Sintratec S2 System according to various configurations. Not only does the Sintratec Nester solve these calculations much faster in direct comparison with previous market leaders, but also sets new standards in terms of density.



Packing density is a key factor in optimizing the throughput of 3D production – especially with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), which does not require support structures. Depending on geometries, the Sintratec algorithm achieves up to twice the density of manual placement, thus reducing the required print volume by half.

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Exemplary use case of the Sintratec Nesting Solution:

Manual placement compared to two differently configured nesting solutions with identical number of parts


Manual placement: 30 minutes labor time, 10% density, 360mm print height, 22 hours printing

Nested with “standing up” orientation: 28 seconds calculation time, 14.3% density, 267mm print height, 17 hours printing

Nested with “free” orientation: 80 seconds calculation time, 18.4% density, 208mm print height, 14 hours printing


Combined with the Nesting Solution, the Sintratec S2 system becomes an even more attractive option than it al-ready was. The production of high-quality industrial parts from the variety of materials available in powder-based additive manufacturing can thus be carried out at especially low unit costs and with a high degree of automation. The commercial importance cannot be understated: Nesting 100 print jobs with our Nesting Solution saves 50 work hours, 47kg of powder, and 800 hours of printing time.

The Sintratec Nesting Solution is now available – and free of charge for the first year to all current and new Sintratec S2 customers. Visit for more information.