SKF’s online bearing evaluation

SKF’s online bearing evaluation

April 10, 2019

Motion Control

SKF has updated its online Bearing Select tool, to make the process of selecting and evaluating a bearing faster and easier.

To use the new tool, designers access it online and enter relevant values for their design. The software then uses SKF engineering knowledge to evaluate bearing performance and calculate relevant results, such as rating life, bearing loads, relubrication interval, and frequencies.

As well as being more intuitive, thanks to a newly developed interface, the latest version of SKF Bearing Select allows the user to quickly run and performs calculations on-the-fly. Results are displayed while input parameters are still being entered, and presented automatically in a clear report, which includes up-to-date graphics of the relevant bearing. Having the relevant input data in place, you can have the automated report within 60 seconds.

The SKF Bearing Select gives users a fast, easy, and accurate, evaluation tool for bearing performance. Since the new software is built on a scalable and modular platform, users can expect extra functionality in future, including access to SKF’s latest advances in bearing technology, and more evaluation models.

The main target audience for the new software is OEMs, but any user that needs to evaluate the performance of a bearing, based on operating conditions such as loads, speeds and lubrication, could benefit from using it.