VL400Q Wire EDM

VL400Q Wire EDM

June 23, 2016

Sodick Inc.


Schaumburg, Illinois – EDM Manufacturer, Sodick, has announced a new option for customers working with Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD). Previously, Sodick customers interested in working with the specialty material were limited to premium tools such as the AP250L extreme precision Wire EDM. With Sodick’s new PCD package, even economy EDMs may be equipped to machine polycrystalline diamond with unparalleled accuracy. Sodick’s indispensable PCD package includes a WS-4P/WS-5P rotary axis, Renishaw touch probe, tool clamping system, and ProfDia specialty programming software. These offerings open new doors to PCD tooling OEMs as well as shops that maintain their own tooling. By making PCD machining accessible across Wire EDM models, Sodick has found a way to create significant cost savings for customers who would otherwise need to upgrade their machine.


Learn more at the 2016 IMTS Conference!

Sodick’s new PCD capabilities will be on display at IMTS 2016, where Sodick will be showing another new product, the VL400Q Wire EDM. The VL400Q, which will feature a demo of the PCD option, is an extension of the VL line of performance wire EDMs, released in November 2015. The little brother of the original VL600Q, the VL400Q features XYZ travels of 400 x 300 x 220 mm, and UV travels of 80 x 80 mm. Despite the generous workspace size, the VL400Q requires less floor space than other Wire EDMs, with a footprint of only 2,020 x 2,310 mm. The Wire EDM with the smallest-available footprint is the VZ300L, also belonging to Sodick. The VL line of machines features upgrades to surface finish circuitry, as well as an integrated “pop-up” auto-rethread function for its AWT. This “pop-up” function automatically detects errors in threading, and quickly repeats the threading motion until successful. This feature is especially helpful for threading stepped or hollow forms, as well as tilted or inclined surfaces. Achieving full-sized workspaces within small-footprint machines is made possible as a result of Sodick’s Vertically-integrated manufacturing process. Because all parts – from castings to microchips – are produced in Sodick’s ISO certified factories, each component is designed to fit into the others as efficiently as possible. The result is a performance machine without wasted floorspace.

Like all Sodick EDMs, the VL400Q comes standard with frictionless rigid linear motor drives, absolute glass scales, thermally stable ceramics, Sodick Motion Control systems, and a 10 year positioning accuracy guarantee. Together, these technologies have made Sodick the most reliable name in EDM. 10 years after starting our guarantee, and 25,000 machines later, Sodick has yet to receive a single claim against its 10 year positioning accuracy guarantee.


Source: Sodick Inc.