Sonobond Ultrasonics’ Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen

Sonobond Ultrasonics’ Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen

February 10, 2021

Sonobond Ultrasonics

Sonobond Ultrasonics announces its Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen, created to add the data-driven capabilities necessary to better meet customer specifications.

The Smart Touchscreen enables easy access to multiple functions that are designed to produce the highest quality welds. The main features include:

  • Four welding modes, including time, energy, height, and height with energy
  • Real-time monitoring and adjustment of energy, power, pre-height, and final height weld parameters
  • Sequential job selections to run multiple, separate jobs consecutively
  • Feedback on weld results, displaying graphs of pressure and power ranges, system settings, and adherence to pre-set Acceptable and/or Custom weld limits
  • Weld history log that saves data on the last 1000 welds and exports it via USB interface for analysis and trending projections

Using the proprietary, patented Wedge-Reed System – essential for strong, precise, highly conductive welds – the Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen can easily be incorporated into any of our American-made ultrasonic metal welders, including our most requested equipment:

  • SonoWeld 1600 Digital Metal Spot Welder
  • Dual Head Metal Spot Welder
  • SpliceRite Wire Splicer
  • Dual Head SpliceRite Wire Splicer
  • The Single Point Ground Welder

In addition to easy set up and operation of functions that ensure quality welds, Sonobond’s Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen includes features that provide operational security as well as enhanced selection options:

  • Operator, Manager, and Administrator levels for operation and access management
  • Alarm that prevents the welder from continuing after three consecutive failed welds
  • Diagnostics for troubleshooting
  • On-screen manuals and help files
  • Alerts for maintenance
  • Selection of units of measurement
  • Six language selections

Two videos on the Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen are available. The Introductory Video gives a 2-minute summary of features. The 5-minute Full Feature List Video provides descriptions of all the data-driven capabilities designed for greater specification success.



Sonobond offers no-charge, no-obligation metal welding viability tests using your own parts to produce sample welds. This will show you which model and tooling is best for your application, and how our Advanced HMI can ensure weld specifications are achieved. You can evaluate the results and confirm the quality of our process before placing an order.