NB Corp.’s stainless steel slide way

In all stainless steel, the NB Studroller is ideal for use in special environments that are highly corrosive, high temperature, or vacuums. This crossed-roller linear bearing is perfect for motion control applications with extremely fast acceleration and deceleration (at dimensions ranging from 30mm to 600mm lengths, 1mm to 12 mm rollers, endurance is 150 million cycles), NB’s NV type Studroller with stainless steel anti-creep cage technology guarantees zero slippage.

NB, by placing studs in the center roller and machining a correspondingly dimpled path in the rail, has produced a retainer that never slips. Load capacities are increased 1.4x to 2.3x compared to standard SV type. Roller-to-rail contact area is extended 42% to 58% while the number of rollers is increased 20% to 55%.

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