Customizable CNC machine and automation solutions

Customizable CNC machine and automation solutions

August 1, 2022

SW North America

SW North America will host live machining and automation demonstrations on all six days of IMTS. The demonstrations will include live machining of a battery housing for a hybrid automotive vehicle on the BA W08-12 and a gun slide on the BA 322i. As a systems supplier, SW will offer information on completely automated systems solutions for automotive, firearms, medical, aerospace, construction, and agriculture industries.

SW’s BA W08-12 is made for machining large workpieces made of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. This machine features one spindle, two worktables, and a work area of 1500mm x 900mm x 650mm on the X-, Y-, and Z-axis. Direct drive technology in all axes provides optimal acceleration and speed (up to 2g and 120m/min), and the independent X- and Z-axes increase flexibility and accuracy. Both 4- and 5-axis machining can be performed with ease. The large machining area makes it perfect for machining workpieces for the automotive, EV, aerospace, agriculture and construction industries. Efficiency can be increased further by integrating one of SW’s modularly expandable automation solutions. The FloorRob, TopRob, Robot Gantry, and MobileRob AGV are all automation possibilities. The BA W08-12 is also available as a twin-spindle model with one worktable, or as part of SW’s single-table series with one worktable and one or two spindles.

The BA 322i is designed to function as an independent manufacturing cell that stores enough workpieces for an entire shift. This twin-spindle horizontal machining center doubles output while using less floorspace and less energy. The integrated 6-axis robot uses the vertical workpiece storage tower to load and unload workpieces in parallel to machining time due to the double swivel carrier. The monoblock and box-in-box design are proven SW standards, providing more stability and precision. This plug and play solution is made for the machining of impellers, brake calipers, scroll compressors, ABS valve bodies, and gun slides.