Tooling improvement for Swiss Lathes

Tooling improvement for Swiss Lathes

October 16, 2018

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling

Hoffman Estates, Illinois – Big Kaiser introduces hydraulic chucks for Swiss lathes, the first improvement to this technology in more than 30 years. The toolholders use a single wrench, making for quick and easy change of the cutting tools on a gang slide.

Swiss Lathes have many fixed and rotating tools in a narrow space, making it difficult to replace a cutting tool inside the machine. To minimize machine downtime and provide operator safety, the hydraulic chucks use a hex wrench that requires only 2 to 3 turns for clamping and unclamping. 

For good repeatability and ease of operability, once a hydro-chuck is centered, the runout will not vary, even if a cutting tool is changed repeatedly. Runout of fewer than 3 microns at 4x diameter can be achieved.

High-precision cutting with hydraulic chucks is achieved on the automatic lathe with a clamping range of 4mm to 8mm. They are long lasting, maintenance free, and the rigidity is greatly improved by the short projection length and dual pressure points.

Hydraulic chucks have a standard pipe thread for coolant through connection and are available for most Citizen and Star machines with 3/4 " or 22mm straight shank.

Learn more about Big Kaiser’s hydraulic chucks for Swiss lathes and how it can improve your machining operations.