Nexturn Swiss-type lathe with exchangeable guide bushing

Nexturn Swiss-type lathe with exchangeable guide bushing

October 29, 2018

Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.

The Nexturn SA-32PYII Swiss lathe is a 32mm machine that comes standard with an exchangeable rotary synchronous guide bushing, allowing changeover from guide bushing to non-guide bushing depending on the application and material. Changing to non-guide bushing mode allows for the use of less expensive non-ground material, greatly reducing remnant length and saving material cost.

The lathe features up to 8 axes (Z1, X1, Y1, Z2, X2, Y2, C1, C2) and up to 25 total tools. Machining capacity is 32mm on the main and sub-spindle, and 210mm (8") maximum turning length with guide bushing and 60mm (2.36") without the guide bushing.

The machine is built for rigidity, accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. The highly rigid one-piece cast iron machine bed is designed using FEM software. Powerful motors for both turning and milling deliver reliable machining capability. The use of ultra-precision, pre-tensioned ball screws and LM guides produce high accuracy. High speed positioning of 1,260ipm reduces cycle times.

Spindles are the heart of the machine. The main spindle is a 10hp, 8,000rpm built-in motor spindle providing consistent acceleration/deceleration. The full C-axis on main and sub-spindles with 0.001° position and pneumatic disc brake clamping provide high rigidity for milling operation. The 5hp integral motor synchronous sub-spindle allows simultaneous front and back working.

Live tools sporting 3hp and 6,000rpm on the cross-mill unit and 1.3hp and 5,000rpm on the backend face tools, deliver consistent drilling and milling ability. ER-16 collets for the live tools provide excellent rigidity; rigid tapping is standard.

The synchronous rotary guide bushing features a dual-bearing structure with high accuracy bearing support on both ends. The guide bushing is spline shaft-driven and the machine can be changed in about 45 minutes to non-guide bushing for short parts, to reduce remnant length, and for use with non-ground bar stock.