TDM Systems’ new offerings

TDM Systems’ new offerings

September 22, 2022

TDM Systems

"Companies that do not digitalize lose their competitiveness," states the CEO of TDM Systems, Jean-Paul Seuren. "The core competence of TDM Systems is offering machining companies a highly integrable solution. This supports the entire process chain for the chip-making production and ensures that the tools always remain available."

The great range of interfaces and partnerships to prestigious providers of manufacturing solutions enables great possibilities for users in digitalization of tool management and processes. To support new customers regarding the data management, TDM Systems now offers new services.

New data services for users and tool manufacturers
The new data services are for both users and tool manufacturers. "We have a dedicated data team, who has excellent expertise and takes on the task of data creation for customers," Seuren explains. "Furthermore, we also offer tool manufacturer the user-optimized digitalization of their data catalogs."

New cloud-based solution: TDM Cloud Essentials
Simply register and get started right away! That will be possible for companies with the entry-level solution from TDM Systems that do not require an IT installation. TDM Cloud Essentials is a cloud-based tool management system developed especially for small companies that have shied away from digital tool management until now.

"Our solution is simple and does not require project management. Companies just need to register and can get started online, they do not even need an IT installation," explains Robert Auer, business director and Cloud-Expert at TDM Systems. 

New releases available soon
The new main releases 2023 for the main software product lines TDM and TDM Global Line will be released by the end of the year. The releases allow users to perform better and more efficiently. Also, a new software module will be available: TDM´s Fixture Module for TDM Global Line users helps manage the wide range of different fixtures.