Tool data management of the future

Tool data management of the future

August 15, 2017

TDM Systems

“TDM next generation" software from TDM Systems offers new options as well as highly integrated global system. TDM next generation is a platform that can be used to operate all existing TDM modules and TDM Global Line modules simultaneously. It features enhanced performance, worldwide networking, and easy scalability, helping users implement Industry 4.0.

TDM next generation has responded to the ever-increasing digitalization of production and enabling its customers to completely renew and modernize their TDM solutions – without complex system change. The conversion from the previous 2-tier architecture, the new modern 3-tier architecture increases both performance and process reliability while simultaneously reducing installation and service effort. Additional advantages include simplified interface handling, easy use of on-demand and browser-based solutions and the combined use of standard and engineering solutions. Our customers will find a solution tailored to their individual needs.

TDM Systems will present TDM next generation at WESTEC 2017 in booth #2446, September 12-14, 2017.