TDM's tool management system

TDM's tool management system

November 11, 2019

TDM Systems

With the new release of TDM Global Line 2019, TDM Systems offers many of the functions of its core solution. The TDM core solution is comprised of TDM Shopfloor Manager, TDM Production Document Management, Graphics Functions, and TDM WebCatalog.

"The global use of a central database results in massive IT cost savings, productivity increases, and synergies that span multiple locations," explains TDM Systems GmbH Vice President Sales Eugen Bollinger. "In order to increase the added value for the user even further, we have expanded the configuration options in TDM Global Line 2019 and developed new modules."

TDM Shopfloor Manager allows for comprehensive workflow management, incorporating booking functions and many interfaces for crib systems, presetting devices, and machines as well as for higher-level systems such as MES, FMS, and ERP. Users can now create multiple shop floor configurations to depict workflows in various production areas. A new feature is individual status management, which allows an individual to define the tool status within the workflow.

TDM Production Document Management is a new module that allows users to assign as many documents as they wish to the production resources via a drag-and-drop function – either in the form of a link to the actual saved location or as a copy on the TDM Global Line server.

Graphics Functions allow the user to generate rotation contours from 2D graphics using the Tool Contour Generator, with just a few mouse clicks and the aid of an intuitive user navigation system. In combination with the TDM 3D-Rotation Generator, simulation-ready 3D models for realistic collision checking in CAM systems can be generated within a few seconds.

With the release of TDM Global Line 2019, upon registering with TDM systems, users will have access, through the TDM WebCatalog, to the latest tool catalogs in the cloud to obtain up to date, verified tool data from leading manufacturers.

TDM Global Line 2019 users can discover other features, such as the individually customizable user interface and the new hybrid mode. They can use Global Line modules such as the Shopfloor Manager in combination with the TDM 2019 version. Access to the TDM WebCatalog is also possible for the current version. The expanded Multiple Plant Management system allows equipment to be assigned with even greater precision.

As a member of the Sandvik Group, TDM Systems draws on the expertise of various tool manufacturers in developing its software products.