Techsolve’s encrypted data collection solutions for manufacturers

Techsolve’s encrypted data collection solutions for manufacturers

November 11, 2020


TechSolve has launched a new line of secure data collection software for applications in manufacturing operational environments. This new suite of solutions features an Encrypted MTConnect Adapter, an Encrypted MTConnect Agent and an Aggregator that deliver the same broad range of rich, actionable data for which TechSolve has gained its reputation as the go-to choice for customizable IIoT solutions.

TechSolve’s new secure data collection solutions deliver data as defined in the MTConnect ANSI standard from a wide array of manufacturing assets, such as PLCs, CNCs, sensors and more, to a customer’s preferred choice of database(s), software and applications such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), analytics and reporting or visualization tools.

Featuring all the functionality of TechSolve’s original, patented software, including the automatic discovery and configuration of machining assets through remote installation, this new line of solutions enables secure connectivity and data collection with minimal disruption to operations.

TechSolve’s Encrypted MTConnect Adapters and Agents
Paired together, TechSolve’s Encrypted MTConnect Adapters and Agents deliver protected data from manufacturing assets using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. A TLS enabled Agent is required to read and decode the data stream from the encrypted Adapter. This data is delivered to the Agent in the MTConnect protocol. MTConnect is a recognized ANSI Standard that translates operational data from multiple data sources into one common language to provide structured, contextualized data at the edge. This actionable data enables manufacturers to focus resources on value-added activity such as analysis rather than tedious translation.  

In addition to increased cybersecurity features, TechSolve’s new solutions have been engineered to make for easy management when they are in service. Once deployed, TechSolve’s encrypted MTConnect data collection software may be custom configured or updated remotely from a central server to meet a manufacturer’s unique needs. This provides the manufacturer with improved flexibility and control and continues to deliver on TechSolve’s promise of sustainable and scalable IIoT solutions that grow and adjust with customers’ evolving needs over time.

TechSolve’s Secure Aggregator
Shop floor security is strongest when using the Encrypted MTConnect Adapter and Agent with TechSolve’s Aggregator. Employing TechSolve’s new line of secure data collection solutions in tandem enables operational data from numerous data sources to be stored and protected in one central location.  When coupled with a protective firewall, the Aggregator provides an additional layer of security, safely allowing front-office applications to integrate with and access the data from the factory floor.

A flexible and protected shop floor will eventually become the standard in data collection. In today’s current manufacturing environment, digitized processes and connectivity are integrating into every product lifecycle stage. However, as the accessibility of this data and the variety of applications for it grow, so do manufacturers’ cyber risks and the importance of addressing them. Manufacturers must prioritize cyber risk mitigation and implement solutions that support cybersecurity without inhibiting the progress brought about by the benefits of smart manufacturing and the connected shop floor.

By choosing TechSolve’s secure data collection solutions, manufacturers can be confident they are building a foundation with a sustainable IIoT solution that delivers predictable ROI and results in an investment with longevity; manufacturers can both confidently connect and protect their manufacturing operations today and into the future.

About TechSolve’s Encrypted MTConnect Adapters:
As leaders in MTConnect data collection software with deep-rooted knowledge of machining and smart manufacturing, TechSolve offers the broadest and most configurable selection of MTConnect Adapters. Designed to work with any client application, TechSolve’s adapters automatically discover the machine’s configuration and are easily configured from one central point, allowing you to select the data you want to receive, for example: utilization, loads, overrides, alarms, drive and spindle data, and more with minimal disruption to operations.

Leveraging the MTConnect ANSI Standard, TechSolve’s data collection and IIoT solutions experts deliver on-site assessments and guide the selection of off-the-shelf products and/or development of customized data acquisition and connectivity solutions to actualize data, increase overall equipment effectiveness, and transform manufacturing operations.