THK’s super-high-speed type FHS

THK’s super-high-speed type FHS

October 19, 2020

THK America, Inc.

With speeds reaching 15m/s, THK’s Type FHS is the fastest LM guide available on the market today, according to the company. The unprecedented performance of the Type FHS makes it ideal for applications requiring the fastest motion, including robot transfer devices and laser cutters.

The Type FHS can be installed in horizontal, vertical, inverted, and wall-mounted orientations. Four-way equal load rating in all directions (radial, reverse radial, right, and left directions) ensures high rigidity. In addition, The FHS is constructed with components designed to provide stability during extremely high rates of speed.

The Type FHS is available in four sizes with LM rail widths ranging from 34mm to 63mm in standard or long block types.