Tungaloy’s ThreadMilling ETTL insert

Tungaloy’s ThreadMilling ETTL insert

September 30, 2019

Tungaloy America Inc.


Tungaloy’s ETTL model for ThreadMilling incorporates cost-effective, double-sided inserts with two cutting edges. The tool allows efficient and precision production of various standard threads, such as ISO metric threads, Unified threads, and Whitworth parallel pipe threads, on modern CNC milling machines and machining centers, using helical interpolation programs. ThreadMilling provides a high level of security thanks to the light cutting load generated when the tool breaks the chip in smaller pieces, preventing chip from being jammed, which typically occurs during tapping.

New ETTL are available in tool diameters, ranging from 17mm to 30mm with flute counts of 2, 3, and 5. The insert clamping screws are embedded in the tool body so that the screws will not come loose when exchanging the inserts, eliminating the concerns of dismantling or losing the screws. In addition, the clamping force of the insert screws are enhanced over that of the existing ETLN style, allowing higher feed rates to be applied with improved cutting performance. Customers can continue to use the same CNC programs that are being used for the existing ETLN style.