Carmex Precision Tools’ CIM clamping system

Carmex Precision Tools’ CIM clamping system

October 24, 2019

Carmex Precision Tools LLC
Toolholding/Workholding Tooling/Cutting

The CIM system provides high precision, accuracy, and repeatability through an internal tool indexing mechanism that locates the tool in the correct orientation. The collet holds the tool securely for high stability; tool change does not require removal of the holder.

Designed to fit standard and special Carmex Tiny Tools, the CIM system eliminates retaining screws and features three clamping flats on the shank for maximum flexibility. Initial tool setup is easily accomplished by setting the rear stopper screw once the tool has been inserted in the collet. When the holder has been inserted into the machine, the tool can be placed in the collet and secured by the clamping nut. Once done, tooling can be easily replaced by loosening the clamping nut with the provided wrench, removing the old tool, and inserting the new one, with orientation and accuracy assured.

The internal coolant feature allows for flow through the CIM holder and the Tiny Tool for delivery to the cutting edge.