Tsugami machine tools, technologies

Tsugami machine tools, technologies

July 3, 2018

Tsugami America


Windsor, Connecticut – At IMTS 2018 display in Booth #339410 Tsugami/Rem Sales will debut the SS38MH-5AX, a 38mm chucker-convertible, B-axis sliding headstock lathe that performs full 5-axis simultaneous machining. The Tsugami SS38MH-5AX features a 40-tool magazine, 10 tools on the back-tool post, and an optional 2 tools on the deep hole drill holder. The linear glass scales on the X1-, Y1-, Z1-, and X2-axis slide is provided as standard, for high accuracy machining and repeatability.

The Tsugami M08SY with gantry is a heavy duty turning center with gantry, Y-axis, and sub-spindle, available in 2 and 8 stocker options. The main and back spindles on the M08SY with gantry are equipped with integral built-in spindles which minimize vibration and provide superior responsiveness for heavy duty cutting and fine finishing of workpieces.

Other featured Tsugami machines include:
B0326-II – 32mm, 6-axis convertible opposed gang tool Swiss-type CNC automatic lathe. A dual path Fanuc 32i-B CNC slashes cycle time by permitting true simultaneous operation of the main and sub spindle.

SS327-5AX – 32mm, chucker-convertible, sliding headstock Swiss-type lathe with servo-driven B-axis.

BW129Z – 12mm, 9-axis Swiss-type lathe with 3-path control system and dual independent gang slides.

B038T – 38mm high performance turning center with rotary tool capability that can perform 7 types of simultaneous machining operations.

B0205-III – 20mm, chucker-convertible, 5-Axis opposed gang tool Swiss-type CNC lathe with21 tool positions.

S206 – 20mm, 6-axis Swiss turn that includes a backworking Y-axis and modular tools.

Brand new to Tsugami/Rem Sales is Oscillation Turning for 20mm machines. This technology will be demonstrated live on the Tsugami B0205. The benefits of Oscillation Turning include increased chip control by breaking chips; especially when cutting materials such as plastic, aluminum, Inconel, and copper. The Z-axis oscillates to break up chips and prevent bird-nesting by alternating cutting depths as the material is fed through the machine. This feature also reduces heat generation.

An additional new technology featured in the Tsugami/Rem Sales booth is Gosiger Automation’s robotic loading system, which will be shown on the Tsugami S206. Benefits include the ability to automate for lights out machining.

MachineMetrics will also be highlighted in the Tsugami/Rem Sales booth. Tsugami/Rem Sales recently announced an integrated partnership with MachineMetrics, for remote machine health monitoring and improved customer support for all Swiss-type Tsugami platforms.