Tungaloy’s -JS style chipbreaker

Tungaloy’s -JS style chipbreaker

February 12, 2019

Tungaloy America Inc.


Tungaloy is expanding its MiniForce-Turn, an economical turning tool series, to include the -JS style chipbreaker insert for efficient chip control and machining stability.

MiniForce-Turn features a double-sided positive insert and unique seat interface for secure location, designed to provide free cutting as standard single-sided positive inserts do, while enhancing maximum stability and tool economy.

The new -JS style chipbreaker is designed to promote effective chip control in machining small parts. Its cutting edge incorporates a large inclination angle which helps produce smooth chip flow as well as light cutting condition. This geometry virtually eliminates chip nests, decreasing part scraps and machine downtime, while improving finishing quality.

The -JS chipbreaker complements the existing MiniForce-Turn chipbreaker offering and broadens the application range in small part machining. The chipbreaker is available on 6-cornered WXGU0403 inserts and 4-cornered DXGU0703 and VXGU09T2 inserts.


  • Double-sided positive inserts with a cutting action as free as standard positive inserts
  • Cutting edge designed with a large inclination angle to facilitate smooth chip control and light cutting action
  • Innovative seat interface for secure insert retention and machining stability